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For many individuals, Canada is the land of opportunities. Over 313,000 immigrants moved to Canada in 2019 alone, adding to the country’s growing popularity as the ultimate immigration destination. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the number of people leaving Canada as well. Nearly 62,000 individuals emigrated from the country last year, many of whom were immigrants who were moving back to their country of origin or relocating to another place.

This raises an important question: why are Canadian immigrants leaving the country? In this blog, we’ll be answering this question in detail.

Lack Of Job Opportunities

Immigrants often struggle to find jobs that fit their skill set. You come to Canada with huge expectations, only to discover that you cannot qualify for jobs in your field because you’re not a permanent resident yet. Even once you do achieve the status of residency, it can be extremely difficult to get the job you want.

The situation is quite frustrating for individuals who were well-established back home and were working at high-tier positions, but have to start from the bottom in Canada. Many skilled immigrants end up wasting their talent because of this reason and feel dissatisfied with their employment situation.

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Home Sickness

Let’s be honest; it’s not easy being away from home. Home sickness hits you even harder if you’ve left behind your whole family and group of friends and are starting over in Canada alone.

Many immigrants feel lonely, disconnected, and even depressed because of this very reason. They find it really difficult to adjust to the new lifestyle and culture in Canada and have trouble making friends or acquaintances in the area. For people who cannot visit their families frequently, the feeling of homesickness is even stronger. Living in a foreign country where they don’t know anyone can make them feel alienated and alone, dampening the whole experience.

This is a common reason for immigrants to move back to their birthplace so as to find a community where they feel like they belong again.

High Costs Of Living

Living in Canada can be quite expensive, especially if you’re based in cities like Toronto or Vancouver. Buying a house and keeping up with home maintenance, taxes, and utilities can be an expensive affair. Even if you had a considerable chunk of savings, you may find this depleting faster than you’d have thought as you attempt to adapt to the cost of living.

For immigrants, this is typically an even bigger problem because they often struggle with finding employment and securing financial stability. As a result, they’re likely to move back to their hometowns or to another country where the costs of living are relatively low because they can’t afford the mortgage rates in Canada.

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