Moving to Croatia

Most people know Croatia for its rich mountain forests, typical Mediterranean weather, and the Adriatic coastline. These are the main attractions to an outsider who hasn’t stayed in the country for more than a few weeks. However, as tourism in Croatia continues to grow steadily, the number of expats moving there has also increased. In fact, Croatia has become quite popular among expats who get a taste of a leisurely lifestyle once they move there.

In addition to having a variety of fun activities and entertainment options to choose from in Croatia, expats also find it a promising place to start their own businesses. The best part about living in Croatia is that you’re free to create your own opportunities by either investing in property or starting up a new business. The country offers you a chance to chase your prospects and bring new ideas to the existing market. This makes living in Croatia highly rewarding.

Not to mention, Croatia is also one of the safest places on Earth. It has a low crime rate, and despite its tumultuous history, provides a safe environment for raising a family.

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