Air Courier Services in Canada

One of the biggest problems that Canadians living or trying to move abroad face is not having quick access to relevant authorities that could verify their legal documents. Legalization is often a tedious and lengthy process that makes it especially difficult for individuals who urgently require authenticated documents to get their work done on time. Many individuals end up having to orchestrate the process after they’ve already moved out of Canada, which significantly complicates the procedure.

With urgent deadlines to meet and geographical borders in between, document attestation and authentication becomes a rather overwhelming task. This is where our team comes in.

Global Legalization Services offers air courier services to Canadian emigrants and expats all across the world, irrespective of borders and boundaries. Our team will carefully transport your legalized documents to your destination country, ensuring that they reach you safely. Our representatives will personally hand-carry by your documents and deliver them to the location you’ve specified, maintaining a high standard of confidentiality as well as security. We’ll fly off to the destination airport, drop off the papers at the destination address, and ensure that you get your documents safe and sound. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you receive your legalized documents on time.

With our team by your side, you don’t have to worry about pressing deadlines and submission dates! Trust us we’ll take care of it all—including free shipping—and ensure your urgent document legalization requests are processed accordingly.

About Global Legalization Services

Global Legalisation Services is an Ottawa-based legalization agency that has been helping Canadians with their document attestation and legalization needs for several years. Our professional & friendly staff offers extensive guidance throughout the lengthy process and complicated procedures, ensuring that our clients have a stress-free experience.

Having been recommended by Global Affairs Canada itself, our company strives to provide individuals and corporations based within or outside Canada to process their document legalization needs at amazingly affordable rates.

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