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Why Us?

At Global Legalization Services, we believe in establishing solid relationships with our customers to make the document authentication process much smoother for them. When you work with us, you get a professional & friendly staff who’ll guide you through the legal requirements—and that too at amazingly affordable prices!

Who We Work With

Our services are highly sought by individuals as well as law firms and high profile corporations, due to our speedy processing time and reasonable rates.

Our Reputation

Global Legalization Services has been recommended by Global Affairs Canada and is known as a reliable and reasonable legalisation company in the country.

The Incentive We Offer

Our work enables us to charge our customers as per their requests, instead, of by the number of documents we’re authenticating. In addition to our reasonable rates, you’ll also get 5% off your first order along with free shipping.

Our Accessible Location

We’re located just 10 minutes away from Global Affairs Canada and other embassies, and have excellent professional relationships with relevant consulates to ensure a smooth process for our clients.

Need Your Documents Legalized?

Our Services

Our staff will hand-carry your time-sensitive documents, ensuring they’re delivered to the correct recipient on time no matter which part of the world they’re in. Our air courier services include flying to destination airport as well as drop off at the destination address.



We can connect you with a Notary Public or lawyer for the notarization process. If you wish, we can even take care of the entire procedure for you, taking over the tedious task.



Our exceptional rapport and reputation has helped us build excellent connections in the industry. We’ll handle all interactions required with embassies of various countries, ensuring that your document legalization and attestation process is not barred because of the choice of destination.



Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, educational documents, work permits; you name it, we’ll legalize it for you. We extend our legalisation services to all kinds of documents and paperwork.

Document Legalization

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