Document Notarization and Legalization in Canada

Notarization services are commonly required when documents are being prepared for authentication and legalization.

In short, the document notarization process entails a notary public overseeing and certifying the authentication of the signatures on a document. A notarized document, therefore, is certified by a notary public. The certification is indicated by a stamp, sign, or seal. This essential process plays a big role in ensuring the legitimacy of the signatures on a document.

Notaries perform three key tasks:

  • Carefully verifying identities and keeping a record of the identification details shared
  • Ascertaining that there is no coercion involved and that the signatures are being offered voluntarily
  • Verifying that the signers are capable of making sound decisions and not intoxicated/medicated/incapable of using their mental, emotional, and physical faculties for any other reason

How We Can Help

At Global Legalization Services, we understand how crucial document notarization is. In fact, it’s the first step in authenticating and legalizing documents.

Our team works closely with each client to gauge their notarization requirements and fulfill them in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether you’re entering a contract with a client that lives thousands of miles apart or undertaking other essential business that requires document notarization, we’ll help you get things sorted. We also help clients get certified true copies.

Give us a call at 613-233-8472 and we’ll take it from there! Our services extend across Canada.

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