About us

Why Work With Us

Global Legalization Services is a one-of-a-kind attestation and authentication agency that’s committed to helping Canadians get their important documents and paperwork legalized in a timely manner. Using time-sensitive strategies, we ensure that their paperwork is handled with the utmost care throughout the process, and that it’s legalized on time.

As a leading attestation company in the industry, we know the hassle involved in having your documents attested from halfway across the world. This is why we deliver effective solutions that allow our clients to sail through the legalization process irrespective of where they’re located. We’ll use our air courier service to transport your sensitive documents to your particular destination, providing you with legalized paperwork well in advance.

Services You Can Count On

Global Legalization Services offers quick and effective document authentication services to make the legalization process seamless and easy to navigate through. We value our clients’ time and urgency and ensure that we deliver results on time and as per their expectations. When you work with our team, you can expect:

  • Prompt delivery of attested documents irrespective of your location
  • Effective authentication and attestation solutions that work
  • Consistency in delivering high-quality results
  • An eye to detail to eliminate any chances of errors
  • A notable streak of honoring commitments & meeting urgent deadlines
  • A highly responsive team to address all your queries
  • A dedication to resolve all legalization related issues and prevent further problems
  • A high regard of customer care & satisfaction

Need Your Documents Legalized?

Our Clients

Our services are mostly sought by people moving away from Canada for business or residency purposes. This includes individuals as well as law firms and high-profile corporations. We also assist people moving to Canada who seek our speedy services and reasonable rates.

What We’re Known For

Global Legalization Services has been recommended by Global Affairs Canada itself, and carries a reputation of being a reliable and reasonable legalization company in Canada.

Our Incentives

When you work with our team, you don’t have to pay by the number of documents being attested. Instead, we charge our customers as per their requests. In addition to our reasonable rates, you’ll also get 5% off your first order along with free shipping.

Where We’re Located

Our central location makes us even more accessible. We’re situated only 10 minutes away from Global Affairs Canada and other embassies, which allows for a much quicker process. It also makes it easier for our clients to visit us.

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