Birth Certificate Authentication and Legalization Services

Birth certificates are one of the most important identification documents. Several legal applications require applicants to either attach a copy of their birth certificates or temporarily submit the original document. For young children and minors, these are often the only identification documents, containing their legal name, birthplace and date, and the names of their parents or legal guardians. Thus, birth certificates are essential for their applications as these are the valid form of ID they possess.

For individuals moving from Canada, birth certificate authentication is a necessary step. The authenticated document is used to confirm the details mentioned on the certificate as genuine and prove its validity to the relevant non-Canadian authorities. Since birth certificates are non-educational documents, the attestation process involved is slightly different than that of legalizing educational or other personal documents. For this, you typically need to present:

  • An original copy of your birth certificate
  • Copies of parents’ national identity cards & passports
  • A copy of your visa
  • An authorization letter requesting the authentication of the birth certificate
  • Passport-sized photographs

These documents are then submitted to different Canadian and non-Canadian authorities to verify the details.

If you want to avoid the constant back and forth involved in dealing with government authorities, you should hire a professional document legalization service to do it for you. This is where our team comes in.

About Global Legalization Services

Global Legalization Services is a Canadian document authentication service that helps Canadians moving away get their personal, educational, and non-educational documents verified. We can help you navigate through the process without having to lift a finger, as we have done for countless clients before.

Our team of experts have been in the industry for several years, during which we’ve built contacts in all international embassies and consulates in Canada. As a result, we significantly speed up the whole process for you and deliver authenticated documents on an urgent basis. Our quick and reliable services have also earned us a direct recommendation from Global Affairs Canada.

Want your birth certificate authenticated? Get in touch with our team today by calling us at 613-233-8472. You can also reach out to us via email and request a direct quote from our representative. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you within a few days. Our experienced and friendly team is always happy to help!