Moving to Cuba

When you think of spending your retirement days outside of Canada, Cuba may not be the first place that springs to mind, but don’t let that keep you from considering it for the big move. It’s more than just a budget destination for Canadians. In addition to the low costs of living, you also get access to good medical care, earning opportunities, and of course, the warm and cosy beaches Cuba has to offer. You’ll also be welcomed by some of the most fun-loving and hospitable people you’ll ever encounter who’ll make your expat experience all the more amazing.

The good thing about living in Cuba is that there’s something for everyone to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a young businessman, a student, or a retiree. You’ll find several exciting new places to explore, a bunch of activities and events to keep you entertained, and also ample of job opportunities to maintain a comfortable living.

Before you make arrangements for your relocation to Cuba, make sure all your legal papers are in order. You’ll need attested documents and certificates for use in Cuba. Our team can help with this.

Get Your Documents Attested From The Cuban Embassy

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