Moving To Germany

Germany is one of the most coveted destinations for immigrants and expats alike. The country hosts more than 9 million foreigners and is a hugely popular destination to reside in for individuals from all corners of the world. People from various religions, nationalities, ethnicities, and professions arrive in Germany every year, making it a cultural hub with an inclusive environment.

It’s not the country’s inclusive and welcoming climate that has compelled so many Canadians to move to Germany. It also has a strong welfare system and a growing economy that makes it an affordable place to live. Expats are met with good job opportunities, low costs of living, low crime rates, a clean and safe environment, and plenty of historical and cultural attractions. This makes living in Germany not just comfortable but also immensely rewarding.

Before you pack your bags and book the next flight to Germany, however, you need to ensure that your Canadian documents will be valid there upon your arrival. For this, you need an apostille stamp from the German Embassy before you relocate.

Our team of experts can help you with this.

Get an Apostille Stamp for Germany

You’ve probably heard of document attestation and why it’s needed when relocating. An apostille is similar to an attested document that verifies the authenticity of your certificates. The only difference is that while attested documents are needed for several individual locations, an apostille stamp works for countries that are members of the Hague Convention. It’s a specialized form of document attestation, which is valid in Germany.

Global Legalization Services is your go-to apostille service. We’ve been recommended directly by Global Affairs Canada and provide our document verification services for all locations across the world. Our network of contacts inside international embassies and consulates in Canada helps us streamline the process and get the job done a lot quicker. You’ll have your documents verified with an apostille stamp by your specified deadline without getting involved in the tedious process yourself.

Get in touch with our team by calling us at 613-233-8472 for a direct quote. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll request you to send us the documents that need an apostille stamp and will process your order shortly. You can even drop us a line for additional information. Our experienced and friendly team is always happy to help!

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