Moving to Serbia

Serbia became an independent republic in 2006, but that hasn’t stopped it from making its mark on the world map. The World Bank has categorized Serbia as an upper-middle income economy, and the country boasts a high Human Development Index. This means that Serbian residents enjoy a high quality of life and are comfortable in the country’s growing economy.

Unsurprisingly, Serbia continues to attract expats and immigrants from all over the world, especially from other parts of Europe and North America. Many Canadians are a part of this expat population and move to Serbia for greener pastures.

If you’re moving to Serbia shortly, you need to get your documents legalized ASAP. Without legalized documents, all your credentials and permits will remain invalid until they’re recognized by the Serbian government. For this, you need to get them attested so that your Canadian legal documents still hold value once you’re in Serbia.

Our team can help you here.

Get Your Documents Authenticated from the Serbian Embassy

Whatever your reasons for moving to Serbia may be, you need to have your paperwork sorted before you relocate for good. This is especially necessary if you’re moving for official business or prospective employment, as you’ll be required to present your legal certificates and credentials almost immediately. Global Legalization Services is here to handle all your document attestation and authentication needs, helping you obtain verified documents before you move out of Canada.

We have several years of experience in the industry during which we’ve not only gained a reputation for being a reliable notarization and attestation service, but also have a recommendation from Global Affairs Canada. Our services extend to individuals and corporations alike, helping diplomats, employees, business owners, students, social workers, and expats verify their Canadian documents legally and in a timely manner. Our experts will interact directly with the Serbian Embassy in Ottawa on your behalf and streamline the entire process.

Get in touch with us today by calling at 613-233-8472. Once we’ve received your set of documents, our team will begin processing your order right away.

You can also request a direct quote or drop us a line if you need any further details about the work we do. Our experienced and friendly team is always happy to help!

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