Are you planning on moving to Canada soon? Don’t be thrown off by the overwhelming immigration process!

Here in this blog, we’ve outline exactly what you need to do before you relocate to the Land of Opportunities so that you can prepare for your move in an organized manner.

Look For Accommodation Options

First things first: you need to have a place to stay at when you land in Canada. Sure, couch surfing and hotel rooms can get you going for the first couple of days, but eventually, you’ll need a more permanent residence.

This is why you need to look into housing options before you move. Research about mortgage rates, housing regulations, ownership, and rental laws, and friendly neighborhoods in the city you’re moving to. If possible, try to get accommodation arranged before you relocate. If you want to physically examine the place before you finalize a deal, make arrangements for the first two weeks of your stay so that you’re not left stranded at the airport with no clue where to go once you arrive. It’s also best to have done all your accommodation related research beforehand so that you can expedite the process.

A panoramic view of TorontoEstimate Your Living Expenses

Living in Canada can be either really expensive or moderately expensive, depending on where you live. In larger and more popular cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver, the cost of living can be pretty high. If you’re moving to these cities, you want to ensure that you can afford to live there, bearing in mind the average monthly living expenses.

Before you move, calculate how much utilities, taxes, groceries, transportation, and entertainment would cost you each month on average. The cost of living also depends on the neighborhood you’re based in and the type of housing you’ve opted for. For instance, if you’re moving to an area where public transport is readily available, you’re likely to have to spend less on transportation, than you would if you were to use your own. Similarly, if your house is located several miles away from your workplace, it’ll add to your fuel costs.

Search For A Job

One of the biggest reasons for expats relocating to Canada is its booming job market. You’ll see all sorts of career opportunities here. However, that’s not to say that getting a job will be entirely easy. The job market’s pretty competitive, and you need to work hard to find a job that best suits your skillset and preferred field.

Our advice: begin your job hunt before you move. Having a job offer in hand will not only strengthen your immigration case but will also grant you a sense of security once you land in Canada. If you’re unable to acquire a Canadian job offer before you relocate, don’t panic. Continue your search, and meanwhile, make sure you have an updated resume that has been formatted as per Canadian standards.

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