The pandemic has had a huge impact on the entire world economy this year. Most countries were hit hard and experienced serious economic disasters as they scrambled to cope with the increasing rates of infection.

Canada, on the other hand, seemed to be doing well and by Summer 2020 had the infection rates and the spread of the virus pretty much under control. However, after a summer of bragging, the country is again facing a shocking spike in infection rates, and new lockdown measures are being enforced to cope with the second wave of COVID-19.

Will Businesses Take Another Hit?

A lot of businesses are asking the same question they did when the first wave of COVID came along. How will this impact the business? While the retail industry has e-commerce to fall back on, most service industry businesses are having more trouble operating freely during this time.

Document attestation companies are also facing issues as the In-person authentication services at Global Affairs Canada have been postponed until further notice. The only way for people to get their documents attested is trough mail-in services.

A woman filling a form for document attestationDelays to Be Expected!

The process to get the documents attested and authenticated without hiring a professional to do it for you is quite difficult in and of itself. But with the current restriction, it has become more challenging than ever. Even through the mail-in service is open, the Canadian Post Service is experiencing high volumes of parcels and letters, which is causing serious delays. The holiday rush is making it even more difficult for letters and applications to be delivered on time.

The Future of Document Authentication and Legalization

The best way to get documents attested in the post-pandemic world is to entrust the task to professional document attestation services. They have the industry expertise and can navigate through the challenges brought on by the pandemic more easily than a regular person. They can also ensure that your documents get authenticated in time to prevent any delays in your travel plans.

Let Us Help!

Global Legalization Services is offering additional services and facilities to its clients to ensure timely document attestation and authentication in Ottawa, Ontario.

We can help you process the documents remotely to comply with the social distancing regulations and to ensure your safety. We also have a pre-existing network within most foreign embassies in Ottawa that allows us to get the documents processed quickly and efficiently.

Contact us today to find out more about our comprehensive document and embassy attestation services.

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